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             To be patriotic may be different to different people in the United States.
             mean to people, one's love or loyalty towards their country. Patriotism was shown more.
             after that horrifying day of September 11, 2001, because of the tragedy our nation has.
             grown closer together. I was affected by that day because I have never thought in my life.
             time I would go through a tragedy. Patriotism is important to me because to have a good.
             country you need to love your country and people must stick together. I as an American,.
             I feel I live in a great country.
             Our freedoms were not given to us without a fight. Many man and women risked.
             their lives for our freedoms. During the Revolutionary War, we fought for our.
             independence. Some of our symbols that have become part of our history includes songs,.
             our flag, and the bold eagle. Francis Key Scott wrote the "Star Spangled Banner" while.
             watching the War of 1812. It is our National Anthem. Betsy Ross was asked to design.
             and sew a flag. This flag had thirteen red and white stripes and thirteen stars. the stars.
             symbolized each of the original thirteen colonies. These symbols are shown throughout.
             public building and our homes.
             People of the United States have shown their love to their country more after the.
             September 11, 2001 tragedy. It had been said that more flags, clothing, and patriotic.
             symbols have been displayed in the last year. These symbols show how Americans are.
             showing their love and loyalty to their country. It is required in public schools that the day.
             is started with the pledge. Students are also able to organize prayer groups in school.
             Some people may wonder how to be a patriot. To be a patriot you need to show.
             love for your country. Saying the Pledge and National Anthem proudly during public.
             functions is showing your patriotism. You can show your loyalty by joining the Army,.
             Navy, or Arm Force in order to protect this land of freedoms.
             To me patriotism means love and loyalty to our nation.

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