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             An interpretive paper on Yukio Mishima's.
             Generally, the western culture's view of the relationship between a man and his wife in a Japanese culture is pretty narrow. Typically their view of the women is that they are very submissive and quiet women, whereas the man is the domineering one of the relationship. In Yukio Mishima's Patriotism, Mishima shows these attributes to be somewhat true but he shows it in a way to provoke the reader to think whether or not these people act the way the do because of cultural expectations or out of love for one another. Patriotism is a beautiful masterpiece where Mishima, through his word and imagery, was able to entice the reader in a journey of a young Japanese couple and their lives with each other. .
             One of the techniques Mishima used in writing Patriotism was by writing in a way where someone was reminiscing about this couple while reading their obituary in a local newspaper or magazine. This is seen in the way he wrote the first paragraph. Mishima started off with the date of the death, the name of the person who died, Lt. Shinji Takeyama, what Takeyama has accomplished and the way Takeyama died. However, in a usual obituary, what tend to follow is the people who Takeyama would be survived by but in this case Mishima shows the reader that Takeyama isn't survived by anyone, that his wife also committed the same act in committing suicide herself. By showing that both, the husband and wife committing suicide, Mishima suggests the question of "Why?" into the readers mind. Mishima answers this question by demonstrating the themes of devotion and love.
             The theme of devotion comes to life when dealing with the relationship between Lt. Shinji Takeyama and his country and friends. The relationship between the man, Lt. Shinji Takeyama, and his country plays an important role to this story. He was a devoted soldier in the Imperial troops of Japan.

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