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             What is the driving force that supplies men and women the courage to step into bloody battlefields? What are the tears in the eyes of American people as they watch their nations flag fly on top of the rubble that once provided the World Trade Center? Where does that raging fire in the stomachs of Americans come from as they watch the Talibans burn our flags and dance in the streets over the deaths of thousands of Americans? That driving force, the tears, and the raging fire are all a result of one word, Patriotism. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, patriotism is a love or zealous devotion to one's own country.
             Patriotism is what has united our country together after the tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001. Patriotism is what gives moms and dads all over America the strength to send their children out to defend America. Patriotism is a passion that lives in the hearts of people all over the world. This passion provides many different beliefs due to the diversity of people around the world. Most people would agree that patriotism is a love for their country and that patriotism provides them with the courage to defend it.
             Where does patriotism come from? Why are people all over the world willing to give their lives for their country? What is the point of fighting for a country that takes so much out of its citizen's paychecks? Patriotism is not just the willingness to fight for a country. It is a love and an understanding for what your country does and what it stands for. As Americans we know that we do not have to be in a war to show our patriotism. One prime example of this is what we do on the Fourth of July. Millions of Americans join together to celebrate our nations independence. We have a big dinner, firework shows, and parties. What many people do not know realize is why we do this. Patriotism is why we celebrate the independence of our country.

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