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            Patriotism is the love or devotion to one's country. It is also having the heart and courage to serve and defend one's country. Exhibiting patriotism can be quite simple. Basically, all one has to do is love his country and be ready to fight if a war breaks out. Some people have other views. They would rather have peace than war or they could just be scared to fight. I have nothing against peace, but whenever my country is attacked, I am ready to go into battle; hence, patriotism is means to me a way for me to protect my country.
             Patriotism can be stirred in people's hearts in many ways; such as, a political speech, patriotic poem, or the media. I, along with many people became, more patriotic after September 11. Seeing so, many of our American brothers and sisters die made me feel terrible. I was filled with anger as well as fear. In fact, I wanted to go over to Afghanistan myself and avenge my people. There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to war and that many people did not share my feelings. If only I were a few years older, then I would be out there on the battlefield protecting and serving my country. .
             Those who may find it hard to be patriotic probably are just scared of dying. Sure, no one wants to die, but having an honorable death is worth it. Many will see names on a wall of heroes who gave their life for their country.
             When embracing patriotism, one does not have to take such brutal tactics as war. A person could celebrate each holiday that has to do his country such as Independence Day, President's Day, and Veterans Day. They could also say the Pledge of Allegiance with pride each day and know the National Anthem. One could even watch CNN to stay informed of our political status. Obviously showing patriotism is not too difficult and dangerous for one to accomplish.
             But there are still those who are uncompassionate about their country. For example, during the Pledge of Allegiance they are playing around or are holding a conversation.

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