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             Why abortion should be legal in some instances and illegal in others.
             continuing at a rate of four thousand per day in the U.S. and one hundred and twenty-thousand .
             worlds wide. Mean while some people are actually campaigning to increase access to abortions. .
             We live in a country where this issue is evenly divided. Part of the democratic process is the free .
             discussion of ideas. .
             Women have been making choices for thousands of years, abortions is one of those .
             decisions. Whenever society sought to outlaw abortions it has driven them into back allies where .
             they became dangerous, expensive and humiliating. This was the case in the United State until .
             1973, when abortion was legalized nation wide. Thousands American women died. Thousands .
             were maimed. For this reason and others, women and men fought for and achieved women's legal .
             rights to make their own decisions about abortion. Some people argue that even victims of rape or .
             incest should be forced to bear the child, but the trauma of going through the rape let alone caring .
             the results for nine months are staggering. First of all, want to get over the assault but knowing .
             you are caring the results of the assault make it hard to accept. The choice to abort the pregnancy .
             should be the mother"'s decision after counseling and soul searching (Planned Parenthood). .
             If abortion are outlawed more children will bear children. Forty percent of 14 year old .
             girls will become pregnant before they turn twenty. If children are forced to have babies due to .
             rape or of a moment"'s careless or lack of knowledge we will have unwanted children, abused .
             children or the death of children (Planned Parenthood). We see it in the news everyday of .
             mother"'s killing their children or abandoned lift to the elements. Children need a warm and loving .
             family to grow up with to become healthy individuals. If not the children can grow up to be .
             disadvantaged and sometimes inclined toward brutal behavior to others.

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