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Speak character analyses

             The book Speak, written by Laurie Halse Anderson, is about a young girl named Melinda who throughout the book is tormented by other students because, over the summer, she called the police at a party. The other students are clueless as to why she called the police but in the end the reader finds out she was raped. This story is a book used to connect the trauma of a young girl's life to the reality of young teenaged people. This lazy girl, who always feels alone, becomes determined to tell and warn people about this boy and his actions.
             Melinda has many characteristics - one is being lazy. Melinda has no motivation. For example, it says in the book, "Homework is not an option. My bed is sending out serious nap rays."(16) This shows that she would rather sleep than do school work, that she would rather sit and sleep than try to get a decent education. Another example of this is when the book says, "My parents commanded me to stay after school every day for extra help from teachers I hang out in my refurbished closet."(5) This also shows her non-interest in being educated. It shows how lounging around in a janitor's closet is more appealing to her than trying to accomplish academic success. She also begins to cut school. "The first hour of blowing off school is great." (97) Melinda doesn't feel as if school is a big deal so blowing it off and not caring is more appealing to her. She is also lazy when it comes to her art work. She doesn't seem to try to be creative. Her teacher tells her, "Your imagination is paralyzed - (118) saying that she doesn't try or even care. Melinda has many characteristics but being lazy is one of her main characteristics. .
             Another characteristic Melinda possesses is that she is lonely. Melinda has gone through a lot when it comes to companionship. For example, one of her only friends, Heather, says, "We were never really, really friends, I mean, it's not like I ever slept over at your house or anything.

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