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Dancer In The Dark

             In this paper, I will be talking about the film Dancer in the Dark. This film stars BjÖrk, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Peter Stormare and Cara Seymour. It was directed and written by Lars von Trier. This film was distributed by Fine Line Features and it was released in the US in cinemas on September 15, 2000. The genre of this film is both drama and musical. .
             At the time of its release there were two very important events. The first was actually at the time it was released and that was the Sydney Olympic Games. The other event happened a bit later on in the month of September, the twenty-eighth to be exact. On this day in 2000 the former prime minister of Canada, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, past away. Some films that were released within the time period of the Cannes film festival were Traffic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Harry Potter. .
             This film was received very differently by everyone. Robert Ebert gave it 3 ½ stars out of 4 and said, "Dancer in the Dark is a brave throwback to the fundamentals of the cinema--to heroines and villains, noble sacrifices and dastardly betrayals. The relatively crude visual look underlines the movie's abandonment of slick modernism."" Another spectator, Jonathan Rosenbaum gave it 2 stars and a "worth seeing- saying, "To put it in the singsongy fashion of its own tacky musical numbers, Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark enrages as well as engages, but I must confess that it also fascinates with its capacity to elicit extreme reactions."" One bad review that it received was from someone who calls himself Mr. Cranky, who rated it with 2 bombs and said, "This film is a condemnation of the American way of life, pure and simple."".
             This film was the winner at the 2000 Cannes film festival and has won other awards, including one for BjÖrk. Throughout this film the narrative structure is pretty much restricted. In almost every scene, the main character, Selma, is shown.

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