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Elizabeth Taylor

             Elizabeth Taylor was born in London on February 27,1932. However, her parents were both American making her an American Citizen. At the start of World War Two, the Taylor's moved back to the United States. When they got back, her mother encouraged her to work in Hollywood. In 1941 Elizabeth got a contract with Universal Pictures, with them she made There's One Born Every Minute. Her contract was not renewed.
             In 1943, she got a contract with MGM. The first movie with them was Lassie Come Home. She was loaned to Century Fox and made Jane Eyre. Elizabeth played Jane's childhood friend Helen Burns. In 1945 She finally got a title role, Velvet Brown in National Velvet, it was a huge success. However, while filming some stunts she severely hurt her back. She was such a success that she was given another large part in The Courage of Lassie. Elizabeth made many other MGM films during the forties, Little Women, Life With Father, Cynthia, and Julia Misbehaves. .
             Then in 1950, Elizabeth was in Father of the Bride. Elizabeth was also wed that year to Nicky Hilton, they divorced in 1951. Other films during the early fifties were, Ivanhoe, A Place In The Sun, Beau Brummel, and The Last Time I Saw Paris. .
             In February of 1952 she remarried, she married an English actor twice her age (she was nineteen), Michael Wilding. They had two sons, but got divorced in 1956. Her next film was a huge success, in which she starred with Rock Hudson, this movie was called Giant. It was also in this film that she met her next husband, the film's producer, Mike Todd. They were married on February 2,1957. Elizabeth and Mike had a daughter named Liza.
             For her next film in 1957, Raintree County, which was a northern Gone With The Wind, this was the film Elizabeth was nominated for her first Academy Award. Then Elizabeth's life fell apart. On March 24,1958 Mike Todd was in a plane crash and died. She was comforted by one of Mike's friends, Eddie Fisher.

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