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            In Greek, holo means whole, and caustos means burned. In some cases in the Jewish holocaust the Jews were literally burned alive in crematories in death camps. I learned that in the Jewish holocaust, the Jews of the world was being targeted by Germany. The cause of the holocaust started almost right after World War Two. The whole world was suffering from collapsed economies from the Great Depression. Some countries like America tried rebuilding itself by making programs like the New Deal or using food lines. The rest of the countries decided to get through the Great depression by dictatorship. Some of these countries were Japan and Germany. .
             The Important dictator was Adolph Hitler. He wanted power so he told Germany that history was a battle between different races. He said that Germany would stand above other countries if they appointed a dictator and destroyed the inferior races; among these races were the Jews. Hitler was a powerful speaker and Germany wanted to get rid of the Great Depression in their country so they handed all their power to him. .
             Hitler immediately started to target Jews and other religious people by sending them to concentration and death camps. He rounded them up by the Green police and scared them by the Night of broken glass. The Night of broken glass was after the assassination of a German diplomat by a young Jew. The Germans set fires to synagogues and Jewish stores. They also arrested many Jews that were uncertain of what was to happen to them. Some managed to flee to surrounding countries but the rest stayed. The camps killed millions of Jews by sickness, hard labor, death chambers, hunger, and crematories. .
             Jews weren't the only ones persecuted, Polish were sent into places called Ghettos. They were like concentration camps but it was a city not clumps of shacks that they lived in. Even so, wires and Brick walls walled off the city just like at concentration camps.

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