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Watergate vs Lewinski

             Our nation has endured many a great scandal over our centuries as a country; however two stay fresh in our mind, Nixon and Clinton. They were the only presidents in our history to be impeached, Nixon ended up resigning while Clinton stayed in office after impeachment. Each scandal was embarrassing for all people involved however Nixon's Watergate scandal seemed to be more of a blow to our nation.
             Clinton was impeached because he committed perjury. Bill Clinton had an affair with an intern of his named Monica Lewinsky. He had an affair behind his wife's back, which was bad enough, but then to add insult to injury he lied under oath about his sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky. This scandal was bad, however when it came down to it all Clinton did was cheat on his wife. He did not hurt our nation or even jeopardize our security at any point in his scandal. The scandal was embarrassing for Clinton and our nation, however all he did was lie about an affair he had. I am sure that if you were to ask most married men, I am sure they would all have done pretty much the same thing as Clinton in the situation. .
             Now let's address the Watergate scandal involving Richard Nixon. Nixon was implicated in a scandal involving five Democratic Party members breaking into the Democratic headquarters in the Watergate hotel. They were breaking in to fix a bug that was in place so that Nixon could spy on the Democratic Party throughout the race. The reason Nixon was actually impeached was due to the fact that he intentionally recorded over recordings from the oval office regarding the scandal. Initially he would not give the tapes up at all, and then when he did there were convenient blank spots throughout the tapes. The reason that this scandal was so serious was because no only did Nixon illegally spy on his opponents in a presidential race but he also intentionally tried to covewr it up by fooling with evidence.

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