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The Game

             In the center of the table is two-and-a-half, million dollars. Two men sit across from this table staring each other down. Scrutinizing each other's every move. Hundreds of people position themselves around the table watching silently. The room is so quiet one can drop a pin and hear its delightful sound echo. Both men try hard to remain focused on the situation, but the enticing aroma of two and a half million dollars is in the air. The tension at the table can be cut with a knife. Phil gets up from his seat, glares across at Johnny, and makes his move.
             The name is Texas Hold"em. Texas Hold"em is a game which matches wits against an opponent. It's known as the Cadillac of poker. It is an exciting card game which tests a person's intestinal fortitude. The game is played with two cards face down to each participant. The object of the game is to make the best five card hand. A round of betting ensues then three cards are placed face up, and each participant can use them. Another round of betting and another card is placed on the table. This happens one more time then the two cards are flipped for everyone to see. The player with the best five-card hand wins the money in the pot. A player can match the bet, bet higher, or fold his cards and play another hand. A player with a weaker hand can bluff an opponent to make things more interesting.
             The game is played in the enchanting casinos of Las Vegas. The air in the casino feels cleaner than the air outside. The lights shine and glimmer, luring a person closer to the tables like a zombie. The sounds and lights of the casino are eye-catching. This place is special; the vigor at the table can make the most prestigious players nervous. Cameras envelop the table watching each players every move. There is also the two and a half million dollars lying so close each player can touch it. Each stack individually held together by a strap, scattered across the table.

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