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The Game

             Nicholas Van Orton (by Michael Douglas) is a successful businessman who is used to being in control of everything around him, including his investment and relations with others. However, his life undergoes a sharp change when his brother, Conrad (by Sean Penn) gives him a much unexpected birthday gift. It is a GAME. As he begins to play this game, he soon discovers that he falls into it, he cannot control everything around him, but he is not certain of the rules or even the objective of the GAME. Later, he finds that he is being monitored in his house by an unknown organization. He tries to leave this game, but in another way, he falls deeper into this game. Strangely, whenever he has a trouble which leads him near to death, it seems that someone is saving him from danger. In the process of GAME, his character gradually changes. But when does the game end? He does not know. .
             When I watched this movie from VHS for the first time, I was totally in shock. The ending is absolutely surprising. I cannot say a word after the movie ends. There is no doubt that the script-writer has done an excellent job here. Even Michael Douglas said that the script of this movie is the best of the films starred by him. From the beginning, the writer tends to create an atmosphere that attracts you to watch until the end. Of course, he( or she ) is extremely successful. Maybe I am stupid, because I started to realize all the plot is just a game until the very last moment in the movie. The story really impresses me a lot. Even though when I watched it second time on the TV, I was still shocked by the near-perfect plot of the film. How can he write the plot so perfectly? Maybe I am careless that I cannot find out any mistakes from the film. Also, It makes me to have an imagination that whether this kind of company can exist in the world? Whether the company can plan such a perfect plot?.
             Moreover, while I was watching the film, I got a strong feeling that GAME means our life.

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