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My own underwater world

             The way my tank is physically set up is quite eye-catching. My tank is thirty gallons, which should be ample space for my two Oscars once they start to grow more. I decided that I would use black and pink gravel, and since the pink is such a brighter color than the black, it really makes the gravel as a whole stand out. In the area of rocks and plants, I don't have too many. I thought that it would make my tank look cluttered so I just made two little hiding spots with rocks made of slate. Also, when I bought the fishtank, I thought it would be a good idea for me to buy a submersible heater, because my room is so cold. .
             The fish that are in my aquarium are two Oscars, a silver dollar, and a Pleco. I have one red tiger Oscar and the other is an albino tiger Oscar. The silver dollar, as you can guess, looks like a silver dollar. The Pleco is also known as an algae eater and that's what he does. He is usually posted up on the side of the aquarium, just sucking away. My Oscars can grow up to be 12 inches long in captivity. Oscars are naturally aggressive fish, so I chose to get the silver dollar and the pleco because they are both docile. .
             When it comes to maintaining my fish's health, there isn't that much work involved really. I just have to observe my fishs behavior to see if anything is wrong with them. I noticed a couple of days ago that all my fish had these little white spots all over them. These spots, known as ich, is a very common problem in household aquariums. All you have to do is go to your local fish store and pick up a box of Quikcure. Adding this will rid your fish of their disease within a couple of days. If you aren't sure about what to buy, then you should ask a store associate and they should be able to help you. .
             When it comes to feeding time, my fish automatically know. Well, the Oscars do that is. When I come into my room after not seeing them all day, they get all excited and swim up to the top of the tank as their way of showing me that they"re hungry.

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