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My Sacred Place

            Beauty, Tranquility, and having fun are all things that pull me back underwater every summer. Being deep underwater can calm my soul, letting me enjoy the wonderful scenes that only can be found under the rippling waves of the sea. About two years ago; we were in the keys on the southern tip on Florida and had just boarded a fairly homely dive boat for my first ocean dive ever. My Father and I had been planning this trip for months, and today was the day it would happen. As the sound of the motors choking to start came into my ears, and the smell of the gasoline seeped into my nostrils I imagined where we were going to be in an hour. We both glared at each other every few minutes as we scurried around the deck of the boat. The boat was cluttered with Scuba cylinders, Buoyancy Compensators, Regulators, dive lights, and my wetsuit, which I had just picked up. I placed one leg in as I normally do, pulling that one up without much strain. Then did so with the other leg, feeling the neoprene start to grip onto my skin. When I went to put my upper body into the suit I could feel the neoprene stretching tightly around me, like a giant slowly encircling his fingers around me. I could not wait to get in the water to relieve its tension. At that point I looked at what used to be the tiny dock from which we had departed fairly recently, but only saw the tiny outline of land on the horizon. Then I heard the divemaster yelling for us to put on the rest of our gear. The boat started rocking back and forth as the waves crashed into its side, and we prepared to enter the water. My Farther and I sat on the side of the boat, held on masks and regulators in place, and rolled back into the ocean. As we made our decent in the crystal blue water I looked to where we would be visiting in a few moments and saw what looked like the Sahara Desert; only it was underwater. It had dunes shaped by the current of the Atlantic Ocean, just as the Sahara has dune shaped by the winds of Africa, amidst these dunes I saw a reef jutting out, still remaining even after the endless years of water swirling around it.

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