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Mc donalds

            Over last three decades, fast foods has infiltrated every nook and corner of American Society. The industry that took birth with a handful of modest hot dog and hamburger stands in Southern California has spread all over the nation. Selling a broad range of food wherever paying customers are found. Fast food is now served in restaurants, drive-through, stadiums, zoo's, high-school, universities and every possible public place where paying customers are found. Out of the many fast food restaurants the one that stands out the most is McDonalds the founder of fast food itself. McDonalds is the most visited and loved restaurant in America, largely because of its quality food and customer satisfaction. Its availability all over the nation, customer satisfaction along with workers, good food with affordable prices, and creative marketing has made McDonalds the favorite fast food restaurant in the nation.
             McDonald's corporation has become a powerful symbol of America's service economy, which is now responsible for 90 percent of the country's jobs" (Schlosser, 4). I don" t think more needs to be said about McDonald's position in the United States. This corporation started out as a drive-trough in 1948 by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald. They both opened the first ever self service restaurant. They were happy with the money they were making, until Ray Kroc, a salesman, saw a great opportunity in this market and advised Dick and Mac to expand their operation and open new restaurants. After taking up the responsibility of expanding the restaurant Kroc bought out the McDonald's in 1961. Once the franchises were being sold there was no looking back for Kroc or McDonald's.
             There is no doubt that McDonald's is the leader among fast foods, this can be proved by the number of stores it has. "In 1968, McDonald's operated about one thousand restaurants, today it has more than thirty thousand restaurants worldwide and opens almost two thousand restaurants every year" (Schlosser 4).

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