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Fad Foods

            Most of today's teenagers in America live on fad foods. Fad foods are an easy exit gate for filling small or large hunger cravings. The most common of fad foods are ice cream, pizza, candy, and fried foods. These foods are the fads for several reasons; most places sell them and most teens have easy access to them. They are basically everywhere you look in today's economy, for example, Mc. Donald's and TBCY ice cream chains. Yet, the number one reason for these foods popularity is because they taste great. Most Americans enjoy barbeque with fried chicken and some tasty hamburgers. Yet, every great thing in life has its falls and these trendy foods have many. For instance, they can easily become an addiction. Chocolates have a common sweet, seductive taste that is an obsession for many young people. Fad foods can also cause you to become overweight easily. Many Americans become obese because of the consumption of unhealthy foods to frequently. Additionally, these foods, li!.
             ke fried chicken, can cause high cholesterol leading to heart attacks. However, even with the many cons of fad foods, the pros control the majority of American teenagers. All in all, Americans youth will continue to go on with their fad foods, as always.

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