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            Fast food restaurants has several definitions but a definition my partner and I created was a fast food restaurant is a restaurant through which food is prepared in a matter of minutes and eating in or carrying out is optional. When my partner and I were brainstorming for reasons people come to fast food we thought of; popularity, variety, and most important to many people convenience.
             Mc Donald's, Burger King, Wendy's. Why did my partner and I mention those names? It is because they are popular fast food restaurants known throughout the U.S.A. (United States of America) What makes those restaurants so popular, television? All of those restaurants have television ads that attract viewers. To do that you should use Bandwagon approach, meaning having fun and other catchy approaches. Try that and maybe your restaurant will be as popular as Mc Donald's, Burger King or Wendy's.
             Most fast food restaurants are eaten because of variety. Some foods eaten at a fast food restaurant are burgers, chicken, fries, gyros, or tacos. You also could have combos/ meals. A combo/ meal could be where you could get a drink, burger and maybe have some fries. Make little names up for your food items; Tango tacos. .
             Convenience is an important factor of fast food restaurant in the U.S.A. you probably see a fast food restaurants on every corner. Why do you suppose that? It is because people are lazy! As long as it is not time consuming people will eat it no matter the conditions. You could have a place where roaches are on the floor and people without hairnets, and some people would chow that food down like it was going out of style. Remember convenience is good.
             Popularity, variety, convenience those are probably the best topics my partner and I can help you on. Customer service, what was I thinking of I forgot to talk to you about that. I will keep it quick but one thing you need to always say, "Would you like it for here or to go.

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