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             In this paper I am going to talk about two articles that relate to sanitation or an out break of food borne illness. Food borne illness is a disease carried or transmitted to humans by food or water. And out break is an incidence of food borne illness that have two or more people who eat the same food, confirmed though a laboratory analysis as the illness source. There are many kinds of illness and most of the time it caused by people found. To prevent this is very easy we just have to make sure that we wash our hand after going to the bathroom or wash hand before cooking or eating.
             The first article is about Escherichia Coli or E. coli and the article is "Families sue BJ's Wholesale Club". In the article is the lawsuit between two unlucky people in one family with BJ's Wholesale Club. the problems is very little and has been underestimate by the worker and this has cause something terrible to some innocents people.
             Firstly, E. coli is one of bacteria that are in the food or from contaminated water. Most of the time this bacterium found in ground beef or ham burger. The symptoms are bloody diarrhea and colitis. It takes around twelve to seventy-two hour for this to occur. It is non-spore forming and facultative. To prevent this is too cook in the right temperature.
             In the case there are two victims who have been suffering from the illness. Both victims became ill with what diagnosed as poisoning from E. coli bacteria, which was identified in the ground beef in the victims" family freezer. .
             "she spent more than one month at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, where she underwent blood transfusions and developed kidney failure, pancreatitis, hypertension, a blood-clotting disorder and seizures.".
             Not just that this bacteria also destroy many parts of the victim body and cause a lot of problems to themselves and surrounding people. .
             "The illness destroyed her pancreas, causing the child to develop insulin-dependent diabetes.

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