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This Thing People Call Love

            The Tempress sang that love between a boy and a girl can be so wonderful. This statement does little to define what love is except that it can be wonderful. This brings to my attention that most people do not know really what love is. The formal definition of love is an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest in something. But there is there is a deeper meaning to the word love. To define love we must examine the origin, the types of love, how love is used and the result of that, and my opinion on what love is and isn't.
             A good way to start defining love is to go over were the word came from, its origin. The word love goes back to the very roots of the English language. The word is recorded from the earliest writings in the 8th century. It comes form the Latin words lubet which means pleasing and lunbido which means desire. The combination of these two ancient word gives us the definition that we use today, an intense feeling of deep affection.
             Maybe in describing the way love is used and the effects of this we can determine the deeper meaning of the word love. Love ,if used in the right way can create the best of feelings both sexual and platonic. Though it can also result in the worst of feelings too. Love is just one of those things were you"re dammed if you are and you are dammed if your not. A wise man once said, "your miserable when you got it and you are miserable when you don't." this feeling of when you love or lose a love causes knotted stomachs, weak knees, sweaty palms, nausea, even insanity, and sometimes it just makes you act stupid, in my opinion. .
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             There are different types of love of we must take in consideration when defining such a difficult feeling as love. There is sexual love, a physical attraction as well as activity. This love in my view is not real love. It is just reaction of real love or a way to amuse your self. Then there is love that is simply platonic and romantic love.

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