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             Throughout the course of human events many groups have fought for acceptance. Events ranging from mass revolutions to rallies in the town square. Women and blacks have fought for equal rights, elderly fight for better health care, and workers fight for unions and better pay. There are also groups fighting for mere social acceptance. Homosexuals have a wide range of issues looking them directly in the face. There are concerns of family acceptance, job and school related problems and it may even become a threat to their lives. America, the land of the free, but one must still be careful of their practices. Social toleration is even more important than laws. Religion often plays a hard part. Even the more liberals tended not to agree with homosexuality and believe one cannot be a man of God, while practicing homosexuality. Homosexuals are in a battle for acceptance like many other groups before them.
             While trying to conceal their sexual preference many people pay a large toll mentally and socially. Women date men, knowing they really want to be with a woman. Men lie to women when they know that type of lifestyle is not what they desire. The agony related to concealing something as important as our loved ones and those we have strong feelings for is tremendous. People end up creating in a sense two people. It may even result in living a so called "night life" and can be potentially dangerous. .
             It is more socially accepted for a woman to have a lesbian experience then for a man to engage in a homosexual act, even if a woman is involved also. Men lose a part of their "man hood" so it is said. Indeed, it is sexy and erotic for a woman to have a female lover. Many bisexual women use their lesbian experience to arouse their man. But a man dare not tell his female lover that he has had a gay experience. .
             Public displays of homosexual affection are often frowned upon and the couple is starred at and people snicker.

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