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Pretty Women

             In film and literature, interactions between people can inspire a person to change. It can be seen through different perspectives. These perspectives are ethical, feminist, Marxist and psychoanalytical. There are many examples of these in the film "Pretty Women" directed by Gary Marshall. .
             The psychoanalytical angle focuses on anything that has to do with sex. In the film "Pretty Women" Vivian is a lady that is a prostitute for a living. While she was with Edward it started off as strictly business. Edward is one of the most eligibly bachelors because of his looks and his money. Then throughout the week they were becoming attracted to each other and was becoming less and less business. At the beginning they don't kiss on the lips because it was business and Vivian said, "Kissing is to personal." Then towards the end of the week while Edward is sleeping Vivian comes up and kisses him on the lips. They start falling in love with each other. From these interactions it causes Edward to change from his regular work schedule everyday. He changed from being a work-obsessed man to a passionate and caring person.
             The Marxist angle focuses on anything that has to do with social classes. In the film "Pretty Women" Vivian is a hooker, which is very low on the social class. When Edward sends her out to get cloths for throughout the week. When she went into the fine clothing store the store clerk said, "You"re obviously in the wrong place, please leave.".
             She gets upset and goes back to the Hotel. She runs into Barney the hotel manager; by the way her day was going she thought that he is going to call the cops on her because she doesn't look like she belongs there. But in turn Barney calls Regent Beverly Hills Shire and helps her find a clothing store. When she wears her new cloths it helps her fit in and she feels more excepted. Throughout the week .
             The ethical angle focuses on the concept of right and wrong.

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