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            The debate on abortion is an argument between people who are pro-life and people who are pro-choice.
             Whether or not I'm pro-life or pro-choice, I will be expressing my opinions on abortion.
             The pro-life aims to conserve human life. They are against abortion because they believe it is the murder of a human life. .
             Many of them would prove that even God condemns abortion by quoting the sixth commandment, "thou shalt not kill". .
             It means that one human should not take the life of another human. .
             Any civilised person would agree that murdering humans is iniquitous. .
             However, is a fetus or embryo considered to be a human life? .
             The Bible leaves no clear answer to this question.
             The 600 plus laws of Moses makes no explicit statements regarding abortions. .
             Even numerous Christian denominations and religious groups agree that the bible does not condemn abortion and that abortion should continue to be legal.
             Along with the Bible, the Koran also forbids the killing of human beings, unless it is in the case of capital punishment or defence.
             But like the Bible, the Koran fails to make clear statements on the practice of abortion. .
             It also fails to state if an embryo is a person or merely an organic structure. .
             "Kill not your children the killing of them is a great sin".
             That is a line from the Koran and from this I concluded that it is only permissible to kill embryos before one can distinguish them as "children", people whom God has breathed souls into and whose body are completely formed. .
             The stage where the fetus' body are completely formed happens usually after 9 weeks. .
             For this reason I feel that abortion should only be valid before 9 weeks through fetal development.
             This is suitable because at this stage the embryos are not capable of feeling pain, which is a factor that women seriously considers when deciding an abortion.
             Physicians in fetal development concluded that a fetus starts perceiving pain when the synaptic connections within the fetus' brain are formed.

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