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If we could create an artificial intelligence, should we?

            Yes , if we could create an artificial being we should, yet we would have to justify or base our actions upon our judgment and comparison between moral and practical issues surrounding the creation, as rushing into creating an artificial being without giving much thought to it can result in detrimental results. We would have to consider its uses and the possible effects on "mankind's- morals.
             Well firstly I believe that we should create an artificial being that can be useful or has an important purpose take for instance, an artificial being that is able to travel in outer space for years on end which is also capable of surviving in space's atmosphere or planets certain atmosphere can therefore be used in space exploration of say a planet like Mars.
             Also "Mankind- is never fully satisfied, once we have conquered one challenge we instinctively look forward for another challenge and so the chain goes, we achieve wonderful things sometimes is tiny baby steps, sometimes in leaps and bounds. This is how we basically have come to evolve technologically through the years. So why should we hinder this progress and pattern of technological evolution? Some may argue against creating an artificial being, that if we do so it is being nave and that it will only cause more harm than good, but once upon a time ago people were called nave and outrageous for suggesting the world was round and not flat. The world is round, it isn't flat and this would not have been realized if we hadn't had scientists and other people to experiment and draw conclusions made on results obtain through trail and error experimentation, expedition, experiments, investigations and gathering of information. Based on this how do we know that creating an artificial being is necessarily a bad thing? It may be a potentially good thing, we just have try it out! .
             In conclusion I believe that yes, if we could create an artificial being, we should.

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