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What do You Beleive

             Have you ever really sat down and thought which religion is the right one to believe in. We are brought up in our families to believe in what they believe. Religions range from Christianity, Islam, and countless others. Each religion has its own Jesus, God, or Buddha.
             Each religion has rules and orders that one must follow in order to belong. People fast; give money, sacrifice, and go to worship in different temples but, what if you are doing it all in the wrong name. Who is to say which religion is the right one? In some religions they measure the choices you make and also how well you serve the higher being. The hard part of the whole situation is no one really knows what you are thinking. I feel if you need a religion to help you go on from day to day then that is what you should do. If religion gives people hope that there is a better way and a better life after death, and sometimes when a situation occurs such as death it helps people go on. I admit that I do believe God as a higher being but, I will not judge another for their beliefs. In a way, all religions work towards the same goals, to help people better themselves and give them the hope they need to carry on. Most religions preach good and non violence. I think we should all come together under one common understanding that good is good and bad is bad, and only you can choose what religion you want to be a part of.

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