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Shane Warne Drug issue

            Shane Warne is one of Australia's most famous cricket players and has occupied a central place in Australian teams for most of the past decade. His larger than life personality is guaranteed to draw spectators wherever he plays and also allowed him to have a love-hate relationship with his crowds. At the age of 33 Shane Warne is an Australian hero and is recognised as one of the worlds great time bowlers. Warne is currently serving a 12-month ban from the game for failing a drugs test ahead of the World Cup. Shane Warne's 12-month suspension is not inadequate; it serves the purpose of allowing Shane Warne to know what he done was wrong. .
             On the 22nd of February, The Australian Cricket Board (ACB) Anti-Doping Committee suspended Shane Warne from all cricket played under the sponsorship of the ACB and his state association for 12 months, effective from 10 February, 2003. He tested positive for the drug diuretics just before the beginning of the World cup and was taken out of the competition. This substance is banned from cricket "Diuretic can be used to mask the presence of performance enhancing drugs". The diuretic taken by Warne was a fluid pill he received from his mother, he did not know it was a diuretic and didn't expect to receive a one-year ban from the substance. There was no evidence showing that Warne was taking performance enhancing drugs and most likely he would not have gained and advantage on other players if he had. The committee came to its decision to keep the authority for it's strong anti doping policy.
             Shane Warne is guilty of drug taking weather he knew diuretics were banned or not. Being a famous cricketer, Shane Warne should be responsible for knowing what drugs are banned and what he is consuming. The 12-month suspension is adequate because there is no evidence showing the drugs taken by Shane Warne would improve his game, yet he should have know the substance was banned.

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