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African American

             One rainy day, I was put up to auction in a small town. There were some people who were trying to make a successful bid of me. I remember that I had very strange feeling on a stand and felt full of anxiety about my future. After hot keen competition I was bought by a master. The master told me that he was from Chicago and own a cotton farm. He also told me that I should not worry much about life on his plantation, because the master own 99 slaves at his cotton farm, and he treats them right. He also built some big lodging houses for slaves where are clean and furnished. My master sounded like a real rich man. Then, I was taken to his farm.
             In the next morning assembly I was introduced to those slaves of the farm. Immediately, we started to work master's morning speech. I was assigned a job to crop cottons and to take their seeds away. Then, We all went to a vast cotton farm and started working. Things were not that hard than I thought. I got used to my job after couple of days, but I never satisfied with the boring job. We have much more days-off and good treatment than other farms' slave workers at our cotton farm. Since this place is running in a good shape and make a good profit. Nothing would matter seriously. Our master is very religious guy and worm-heart to us. Nothing to say about my master or his good treatment to us, but I just could not stand the easy one patterned job. It was the most painful to my life. Since we do not have freedom we are not able to attained a true freedom. This is why I was not filled up with happiness.
             3 years later----- Days go by my frustration for my job have gotten heavier and bigger than before. I realize that I have to find a way to seek my happiness in my life. I cannot end my life at this farm even though we have way better life standard than other slaves in this country. No one complain it besides me, but I want people treat me like a free man and I want to go wherever I want to go.

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