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Jack From Lord of the Flies

            Suppose you have a guy with a lot of leadership ability a lot of energy and plenty of ideas. Sounds like a good choice for a group. Jack is that guy in Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, but unfortunately he lacks caring about other people. According to the Myers-Briggs test Jack would be an ENTP. Only about 5% of people in the United States fall into this category, which makes Jack unusual. Jack is a extravert, intuitive, thinking, and perceptive. Extraverts liked action and doing things. Intuitive people like solving problems and doing new things. Thinking people do things! Perceptive people change the situation when needed. Jack tends to fit into all four of these categories. .
             Jack certainly is a extravert! Extraverts like action. Jack never wants to wait at the fire. He would rather hunt. Extraverts also want people around them. Jack was the leader of the choir and he organized the hunting group. Also I never saw Jack gooff to think or just walk around like Simon would do. Finally, extraverts were impatient with long, slow jobs. Jack didn't wanted to wait near the fire and once he even let the fire go out. Jack didn't like meetings. He complained about Ralph a lot. Jack would fit into the category of extraverts! .
             Jack is also intuitive. Intuitive people liked new problems. After a while Jack got bored of the meetings and wanted Ralph to stop having them or just leave himself out of them. Also, Jack didn't want to spend time building huts. Intuitive people also dislike doing the same thing over and over. They would rather spend time having fun. Jack would take his hunting group out exploring new ground. They would put on camouflage. . Finally, Intuitive people worked in bursts of energy. When Ralph said, "We need meat even if we are hunting the other thing," Jack killed a pig When Jack and the other boys were hunting down Simon, Jack almost lost control or it seemed like that. At the beginning, Jack used a lot of energy in helping to get everything organized but after some work with that he just wanted to go off and do other things.

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