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Buddhism Compared to Consumerism

            Buddhism compared to consumerism .
             Both participate in different ceremonies that go throughout the year, being quite joyful occasions. Buddhist typically celebrate the birthdays of Bodhisattvas or other significant dates in the Buddhist calendar, the most significant celebration is Buddha day. Consumerists have ceremonies happen everyday, ranging from shopping, which Buddhists don't do, participating in sports finals which Buddhists aren't allowed to do, going to a form of art such as theatre, which Buddhists are again not allowed to attend.
             Other ceremonies in a consumerists society, which are similar to a Buddhists, is the gathering to honour and award important people. Buddhists honour the Budda, consumerists honour wealthy, famous people like sports and film stars or politicians. .
             Parties such as new years eve is an annual event participated in by nearly all. Here people dance, drink alcohol, and sometimes take drugs, which is against the Buddhism religion. .
             Both religions ceremonies are similar as they"re joyous occasions participated by all. The main difference I found was that Consumerists celebrate having wealth and showing it off, whereas Buddhists participate in ceremonies that don't need money. .
             Both fear not getting what they want. Buddhists fear not reaching nirvana, whereas consumerists fear not getting materialistic possessions. .
             Buddhists fear cultural invasion such as inter-community marriages. A consumerist fears either marrying or their child marrying someone that isn't as "well off" as they are. .
             Buddhists fear having possessions and consumerists fear losing their possessions. Buddhists fear reincarnating back as a woman, whereas consumerists believe they only have one shot at life and need to get it right the first time by getting everything they can as soon as possible. Consumerists fear no quick success and not being popular or respected, so their society has a lot more pressure on them.

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