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Green Click Media Group - Business Growth in Germany

             Green Click Media is a Danish company that provides products and services in the B2C sector within the advertising arena. Green Click Media products are advertising within Google Adwords, Make SEO (search engine optimized) more effective and they help to transform website visitors to potential customers. It was established in 2009. Their products had been successfully launched on the Danish market. The company has 41 employees and they are beginning to think in an interdisciplinary way.
             Problem Proposal .
             Green Click Media want to expand their market share so they decided to go abroad to Germany because they have good experience in the domestic country. They want to know what kind of opportunities they have and what kind of effects can threaten their position in this German region. Problems and questions are the following:.
             • How big is this market?.
             • Which area could be their potential target?.
             • Which strategy is the best for them?.
             • Do they have to count with the cultural differentiation?.
             • Is there any organisational challenges?.
             • Do they have opportunities and threats? .
             • What are the company's strengths and weaknesses?.
             • Do they have competitors? .
             • How they can avoid threats? .
             The report will avoid most of the internal analyses which are not necessary for explaining the company's strengths and weaknesses. There will not be any human resource or leading model.
             There are mostly external models that will be used in this report to identify why is Germany good or bad for the company to increase market share and turnover. There will be SWOT within Hofstadter's theory, Porters Five Forces and PEST(EL) to find possibilities and threats furthermore there will be some logistic idea and some information from STP to figured out which is the best marketing strategy for them to which target. Finally will be presented BCG matrix and positioning map.

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