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Where Do I Want to Go

            By reading Chapter 10: Where Do I Want To Go with MY Life, I discovered the importance of goal-setting. I have never been good at setting goals. When I was a kid, I dreamed of playing in the NBA or playing professional baseball, but I expected those aspirations to be made a reality fairly easily. I never put forth much effort into anything, sports or otherwise. Even my more down-to-earth goals--becoming a fireman; living a comfortable, happy life; etc.--I plan to leave up to chance, not hard work and dedication. The key to achieving life-goals is by keeping them reasonable and attainable. After that, it is strictly up to me to make good on my dream. Recently, without any goals, it has been a constant struggle for me to get through each and every day. My only real ambition was to survive the day and move on to the next. Obviously, happiness isn't easily found when "limping" through life. I need to concentrate on focusing the majority of my energy on a future objective and fight to see the goal reach its conclusion. In this way, it is possible to feel I am accomplishing something significant on a daily basis. If I can ever be truly content with the quality and purpose of my life, happiness will soon follow. Goal-setting is what makes us capable, individualized human beings. .

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