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            Mammogram is one form of screening and testing a patient for breast cancer. A screening mammogram is an x-ray of the breast, used to detect breast changes in women who have no signs or symptoms of breast cancer. A colonoscopy is an examination of the rectum and entire colon using a lighted instrument called a colonoscope. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one of the most common tests for cancer. It uses computers and radio waves to detect cancer. Computerized axial tomography scanning (CAT scan) is a machine that uses radiation to view internal organs, which are normally not visible in x-rays. Prostatic ultrasound is used when testing prostate cancer by using ultra waves. A Pap test is used to detect abnormal cellular activity in the cervical regions in the uterus.
             There are a couple ways of detecting cancer on your self. If a person notices a change in bowel or bladder habits, this could be a possible sign. A person might check for a sore that does not heal, unusual bleeding or discharge, thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere (like a tumor), indigestion or difficulty in swallowing, an obvious change in a wart or mole or nagging cough or hoarseness.
             I feel that cancer is affecting the whole world around us. I feel the need to know and share with others the causes and realities of cancer and how it truly affects our lives around us. Through this current event project, I have become very alert on the effects and causes of cancer. Many people such as my self do not realize how alcohol, obesity, and sunlight can cause different types of cancer. Maybe we do realize it but never take it serious. Take me for example I don't take the sun serious, and I am out in the sun the majority of the day and run in the afternoon. I believe I am at risk for skin cancer just like million others, but now knowing the effects and preventions I can attempt to prevent it. .

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