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             " Warning about children and cancer" came from the Associated Press. The article exposed evidential facts that fighting cancer from a child's age has got better over the years that went by. It explained that years ago children with cancer had very little chance of being cured however, as time moved children of all ages had survived childhood cancer. The writer explains that there are many survivors that may experience severe or detrimental side effect of the cancer that will not show up immediately. The side affect really depended on the age of the patient, where the cancer is located and how much treatment was given. Moreover, these effects could affect things like growth, fertility, heart function, muscle movement or cognitive activity. As these affects were made note of the writer expressed that these affects can be minimized once the effects are looked and treated for early. Apart from looking for these effects, the writer assured that it is really the job of the primary care provider and more importantly the patient. The article also highlighted key recommendations to help fight cancer. Some of which were: Developing guidelines for follow-up care of childhood cancer survivors. Creating links physicians and specialist and Stepping up research to prevent late side effects. This article really struck my attention and it is evident that catching hold of the cancer from a very young age will minimize its growth.
             Although time has increased the knowledge of the many doctors in care of cancer patients more is still need to be done. Fighting cancer has got better of the years and looking for known threats and treating side effects early is only now a next task to handle. From the article it stated few recommendations that can resolve the task placed before them. " Developing guidelines for the follow-up care of childhood cancer survivors" was one of the few. This point is so true and important.

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