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Theory Behind Acoustics and Loudspeaker Design

            While listening to a radio or your home stereo, have you ever stopped to think .
             of how many fundamentals of science are involved in the music that you are .
             hearing? Sound is a form of energy that can be fou.
             nd all around us. Whether attending a live concert or sitting in a quiet .
             library, sound is always present and always has an affect on both your mental .
             and physical state. As defined in the American Heritage Dictionary, sound is .
             ldblquote .
             A vibratory disturbance in any medium, with audible frequency in the .
             approximate range between 20 and 20,000 hertz. It is capable of being detected .
             by the organs of hearing.
             dblquote (ldblquote Sound.
             dblquote .
             ). When we speak or listen, messages are being sent and received by sound .
             vibrations traveling through the air (ldblquote Music and Computers, 1.1 What .
             is Sound?.
             dblquote .
             par 1). Sound also aids in our experience of different emotions. Familiar .
             sounds such as explosions warn us of danger, just as the calm ocean can relax .
             or comfort us. In either case, sound is one of the .
             most important forms of energy in the world. Now, having proclaimed all of .
             this, you may have a better understanding of why the study of sound is .
             important. Without acoustics, many things such as home theater systems and .
             extreme clarity loudspeakers would.
             not be possible. In order to design such high fidelity sound systems, you .
             should possess knowledge in a variety of important areas such as acoustics and .
             electronics. To have the ability to design and construct a quality loudspeaker .
             system you must have th.
             e knowledge in the three following main areas: the theory behind acoustics, how .
             a loudspeaker functions, and characteristics of a loudspeaker.
             par In order to gain an understanding of acoustics it is useful to begin with .
             the human ear and how it functions. Soun.
             d is always present, but you must have something that can detect the sound. The .
             human ear is a very important part of our body and without it, detecting and .

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