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Survivng in Society

             Being able to survive in the middle class is a necessity in life; it is unfortunate that some persons are not able to. It is sad to think that certain little tactics that go on in the middle class cannot be completed day to day. After completion of a survey in English 101, I realize that I can survive in the middle class for the following reasons: I know how to decorate the house for the different holidays, how to order food in a nice restaurant, and how to get someone out of jail.
             Decorating the house for the different holidays may seem like a simple and ordinary task, but in my family you would be surprised of the importance of it. Growing up, I always had the experience of learning about my religion and what certain symbols represents each event. During the holidays it's a big thing for our family to spend days together and decorate the house; we refer to the time spent decorating as "family bonding time." Being able to decorate for holidays still may not seem all that important, but I am very happy that this task was taught to me. When I came to school my dorm room was very blan and boring. My roommate and I wanted to fix the room up and make it feel more like home. By knowing how to decorate for the holidays, I was able have a homey looking room and not be extremely home sick.
             Being able to order a meal in a nice restaurant seems like a rather simple task, but you would be surprised how many men and women don't know how to properly do it. For Christmas one year, my grandparents presented me with a book on manners, which explained and prepared me to order and use the right utensils in a fancy environment. I was only twelve years old when I received this book; it was given to me in order to prepare myself on how to act when I went on my cruise. When eating dinner on a cruise ship, people are sat randomly with others. It just so happens when my grandparents and I received our seating arrangements we were sitting with two other elderly couples.

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