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Mcdonaldization Of Society

             The McDonaldization of Society is a book written by George Ritzer. This book critiques the way society is run in focus to the franchise McDonalds. The term McDonaldization in my opinion is one way of showing how one company or business could take over society and be placed all over the world. This is to allow everyone in almost all parts of America accessible to the merchandise and at the same time gaining in on income. The book places McDonalds in many situations, which allow society to be apart of the "McDonaldized World". .
             A great example that I recall was the irrationality and rationality of the traffic jams on those "happy trails". As little as a children's trip to Walt Disney World can cause problems in society where money is being a huge waste. There is rationality in this trip as far as a whole lot of family bonding, fun, characters, food and entertainment in which some couldn't be given elsewhere. But never looking at the irrationality of the things is where the problem kicks in. The cost of the trip was a lot of money and the time spent on each event wasn't worth the amount of money spent. .
             The book starts off by stating how in society of "McDonald's World" that the amount of time and money spent on a trip to McDonald's restaurant or any other fast food restaurant is uncaused for. The same amount of time spent to get to the restaurant and purchase food, would be more than cooking a full coarse meal at home. The book also showed in society people tries, to create, this perfect world where all things are assessable and required when in all actuality is not. The ATM for instance, was created to offer more service to a person who doesn't have enough time to go to the bank. The ATM also showed this little machine to be quicker than the hands of bank tellers. So instead there has been a demand on ATM machines and a decrease in accountants or bank tellers. But again there are small fees and dues for each transaction and machine placed on the streets, and this is all do to societies due to popular demand.

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