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            Since 1955 McDonald's has grown to over 12,000 outlets worldwide. The term McDonaldization is the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world.
             The author George Ritzer writes on McDonaldization. He views it not only on the fast food restaurant business but anything that has been updated with the times, to be more time efficient for the consumer and the workers. An example of this would be adding a drive up window to a restaurant, making it faster for the consumer to get their food without getting out of their car.
             The article is totally true in my own opinion. People living today are more in a rush to get things done. Without certain utilities the average persons day would be slower and less time to get certain things done. With technology increases simply tasks of everyday life are getting simpler then simple, leaving more time to get other things done in a smaller time space. .
             The increasing efficiency in the fast food and other industries seems to be positive. As things get fast and easy to conquer and complete it gives more time to dedicate to other things. Lines inside fast food restaurants move faster because of foods cooking faster which gives people more time to do something else in there day.
             The positive aspects of McDonaldization are obvious. Time is saved and used more efficiently; products are more "user friendly". I also find that less time I spend doing things the less stressed I am. I"m sure other people feel the same way too. For example, I can't stand waiting on lines and I"m finding now that with lines moving faster I feel the day is moving faster and I get more things done leaving me less stressed. Time consumption and efficiency are the most positive things.
             With McDonaldization I have had many person experiences that have made the tasks easier and faster.

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