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            The impact that McDonalds has had on the globalization of food is phenomenal. "McWorld" is what the McDonalds Corporation calls this. When one travels the world it is quite evident that McDonalds has played a tremendous role in the "McDonaldization" (Durnford) of food. It seems today that there is a McDonalds restaurant around every corner. From the United States of America to France and the many countries of Asia, multiple McDonalds restaurants can be found. McDonalds has not only affected the foods in the United States of America, but the foods all around the entire world.
             Since the creation of McDonalds in 1955 from a single restaurant, the McDonalds Corporation has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon (McDonalds Corporation1). McDonalds units can be found in 121 different countries around the globe. It is unbelievable to hear some of the countries in which a McDonalds can be found today, such as Pakistan, Croatia, Oman, and many others (McDonalds Corporation2).
             The McWorldization has been quite evident in many countries . Japan is one country that has definitely been affected by this craziness. In Japan there are currently 2400 McDonalds restaurants. This is simply amazing considering that the first one did no open until 1971. That is approximately seventy-seven new McDonalds" being built every year. This has definitely had a profound impact on the eating habits of many Japanese, which entails why McDonalds was chosen as the 1998 Nagano Olympics main sponsor. Within thirty-three days of operation, during the Olympics, thousands and thousands of McDonalds products were sold, making "McWorldization" a reality (McDonalds Corporation3).
             This globalization of food has also been quite evident in Korea. Koreans, like the Japanese, have taken their own tastes and brought them into the McDonalds restaurants across Korea. They of course have the Happy Meal, the Big Mac, and the world famous fries, but in addition to those they have added a one hundred percent pure pork patty melt called the Bulgogi Burger, and a double patty pork sandwich called the Tukbul Burger.

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