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            The McDonaldization of Society describes a process that the world is undergoing to produce societies that are more efficient and fast paced. McDonaldization has turned our society into a society that is built upon convenience and gaining the most for our money in the fastest way possible. The short term effects of McDonaldization are proving to most to be worthwhile and beneficial but on a larger scale the continued McDonaldization of our society will prove to be disastrous.
             There are four parts of McDonaldization. The first part is described as Efficiency. It is pretty much the optimum method for getting from one point to another. It deals mostly with speed, for example, if you are hungry, you go get food quickly. Efficiency is thrust upon a person and he or she is forced to adapt to it. The second part is calculability which puts emphasis on quantities or quality. We have developed a society where it is always bigger is better. If there is more of something it "must" be better. The third aspect of McDonaldization is known as Predictability which emphasizes discipline or routine. In McDonald's, the experience is the same every time you go. The same is true now in our daily lives. We develop a routine that is very closely stuck to on any given day. And lastly, the final part of McDonaldization is Control. Control is the substitution of non human for human technology. By controlling stability in the workplace through mechanization, it allows the employees to act more efficiently and productively with little faults. In our daily lives, more and more things are becoming easily manageable. The technology is changing around us and we are in less control and computers are in more control. We do this an attempt to eliminate the fear of accidents do to human error. .
             McDonaldization, although it sounds simple, is a very complex theory that is in fact true in every sense of the word.

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