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Foundation and Earth

            Isaac Asimovs" novel Foundation and Earth though set in a time so far from our, in a universe with a decaying Galactic Empire and millions upon millions of worlds that have been colonized and taken over by the human race. This novel was written in the Mid-Eighties and so contains some problems or issues that apply to our day and age even if we are still only on one planet in one solar system.
             The most obvious problem that Foundation and Earth seems to address as the three unlikely adventures travel out into the universe in search of the "Mythical" Earth, is that of history. Anymore it seems more and more people now less of history. I don't just mean general history such as that of the early American colonies and how they became one of the most, if not the most powerful nations on the planet today. I am also not speaking of the foundation of Greece and Rome or any other nation in this world. Though in truth few people actually take time to discover these facts. I am talking and I believe Asimov was also talking about personal and family history. Just as Golan Trevize, Janov Pelorat, and Janovs" wife Bilss did not know were humanity came from. We don't know were our family lines traces to, and we don't know about the deeds of those before us.
             The second issue that is faced, though it is only addressed briefly and lightly, in my opinion is the way the United Nations throws its weight around. There are two groups the first are the planets that are part of the Foundations coalition of worlds. The second group are those who are not a part of this elite group. The Foundation and its group controls the economy of the second group, it controls their policies and how things will be run. Just as the United Nation has control of third world countries it tells them what to do when to do it and what will happen if they don't.
             In conclusion, Isaac Asimov has created a stunning parallel to what is happening in the world to what is happening in his future.

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