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1984 : Rebelling For Love

            In the books "1984" by George Orwell, "We" by Yevegeny Zamyatin, and "The Giver" by Lois Lowry there are many similarities. I found that there was a major there through out all three of the books, the want and need to love and be loved in return. The main characters of each book try to rebel against their totalitarian governments and brainwashed communities.
             Love was a very strong theme in "The Giver." Jonas was given the feeling of family, warmth, and love in a memore of Christmas time. After Jonas received that memory he decided to ask his parents if they loved him. The response that he received from his parents was that love was too broad of a word and almost archaic. They told Jonas that they enjoyed him and were proud of his accomplishments. Jonas loved his family and he knew he was loved in return by the Giver, but Jonas also loved Gabe and couldn't bare to know that Gabe was going to be "released" if he stayed. So out of love for Gabe, the Giver, and the rest of the community he escaped and took Gabe with him.
             The central theme of the book "We" was love as well. D-530 falls in love with I-330 and O-90 is in love with D-530 even though he loves another woman. D-530 was so in love that he was constantly thinking of and searching for I-330, "Finally she was here nearby and who cared where this here was?" (pg 95) D-530 didn't care where he had to go or what he had to endure he just wanted to be around I-330 and be able to hold her and love her. He was obsessing over being near to her all the time. At the same time O-90 was hopelessly in love with D-530, "I can't live without you - because I love you." (pg 102) O-90 loved D-530 so much that she was willing to die just to have D-530's child growing inside her.
             There were several strong themes in "1984" but a very significant one was love. In the book, the main characters, Winston and Julia, fall in love with one another. The both promise to one another that no matter what happens to either of them they will never betray their love for each other.

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