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Brave New World

             In the novel one of the main characters, John the Savage, is introduced into what he describes as a Brave New World. Prior to his introduction he was raised by his mother in a Reservation in New Mexico. When Bernard Marx and his date Lenina Crowne travel to the Reservation for a vacation, they meet John and his mother, Linda. Bernard is intrigued by them, especially after he discovers that John's estranged father is none other than the D.H.C. Bernard decides to bring the two of them back with him to London. Tragedy, death and confusion lead John the Savage to suicide. He has many interpretations of the Brave New World which cause him to take his own life.
             Although the Brave New World is thought by its inhabitants to be a utopia, it is actually a loveless and sinister place where happiness is solely derived from mass produced goods, promiscuous sex, "the feelies", and soma- a pleasure drug, and everyone is, as Lenina says, "happy now". Rather than having God as their supreme power, they bow to Henry Ford, the inventor of the assembly line. Their time is counted in years after Ford"s death, and instead of the sign of the cross they use the T which represents Ford's T-model. No one gets married or even falls in love, and no one has parents besides the government. Humans are produced on an assembly line and are pre-destined into 5 caste systems, Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons. Sex is never monogamous and is actually seen as more extraordinary the more partners one has. There are few places on earth where unconditioned humans are literally contained, called Reservations. When two of the main characters, Bernard and Lenina, travel to one and bring home two savages, everyone's lives are changed as a result. .
             Bernard is regarded with forged respect and appreciation for his relation to the Savage which everyone in the Brave New World is so bewitched by. Lenina falls into an oblivious love with John.

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