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The Old Man In the Sea

             In the novel The Old Man and the Sea, existentialism is shown throughout the .
             Existentialism believes that you begin with .
             nothing and you end with nothing. Throughout the book Santiago the man character .
             shows honesty and respect towards the fish whom he is trying to kill, and the ocean .
             where he fishes everyday. Santiago doesn't have the best of luck, but he doesn't cry he .
             suffers with the utmost dignity for a man who went over eighty days with out catching a .
             single fish.
             Existentialism believes that honesty and respect is a key ingredient in the way .
             men and women should live there lives. Santiago shows respect for the fish in various .
             and sometimes hard to understand, but here he just tells it like it is, "Fish," he said, "I .
             love you and respect you very much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends," (54). .
             This shows the love and respect he has towards the fish he is trying to kill, but Santiago .
             also shows a lot of frustration in the sentence. This frustration has been built up over a .
             very long time, and he is sick of not getting results. The words he uses in the sentence ar .
             different from most of the sentences in this book. Santiago's respect for the fish will only .
             go so far and it is present in this sentence, "I wish I could eat the fish, he thought. He is .
             my brother. But must kill him and keep strong to do it. Slowly and conscientiously he .
             ate all of the wedge-shaped strips of fish,"(59) Santiago's respect for the fish ends when .
             he is without food he is trying to survive just like his "brother" but if one of them have to .
             die Santiago isn't going to go down. In order to catch "the big fish" he must stay strong .
             to do it like he says. Santiago is preparing himself for the fish that will not only bring .
             him money, but bring him bring him respect to himself and the townspeople.
             For a man who makes a living fishing, but hasn't caught a fish in over eighty days .
             he might come to the conclusion that maybe fishing isn't the best thing for him.

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