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Vulnerable Drug Addicts

            Growing up as a child, like every other kids, in a world where one wrong move can break apart ones bright future, I am surely pleased to have overcame my childhood without laying a finger on any illegal substances. Marijuana, a lethal enemy to the mind, is the most commonly used drug amongst illegal drug consumers according to the Narconon Southern California inc. But today, we are not only facing the fear of what harmful effects illegal drugs has on the human body, also we must be able to identify the groups of people who are most vulnerable to the use of unlawful substances. The three major groups with the high potentials of abusing drugs are high school students, college students, and ordinary routine workers. .
             First is the group of fresh youngsters whom the country's future will rely on and, sadly, also proven to be the most common group of visitors to the dark side of drugs. This group is the number one concern to all of the caring adults as these high schools students are still at the time of growing and hence would not be able to clearly identify the differences of neither what is good or bad. Researches says that marijuana experimentation amongst high school students begin at the shocking age of fourteen. From this, we can say that at this very moment there is a child or children, worldwide, deciding whether to try out those godly drugs that people say will show you to the gateway of heaven. Certainly, far too many of them are choosing poorly. These outrageous teenagers must be treated with appropriate treatments.
             A high number of college students are also regular drug users. Different from high school students, these college students are somewhat educated to a certain degree and, without a doubt, they are told about the affects of illegal drugs. "So why are there still an increasing number of drug addicts amongst college students?" ones might question. The answer is more than simple.

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