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Cell Phones

             Why have them if you can't use them?.
             Cell phones are taking over America, let's face it, so why are schools taking so long to modernize? In this day and age cell phones are almost a necessity. Not until this recently have cell phones been allowed in schools but use is so restricted they are basically useless. Student should have the opportunity to use cell phones responsibly. .
             Cell phone use is at an all-time high, and researches believe about 186 million new cell phone subscribers will sign up every year between now and 2007. This cell phone craze is due to the fact that in modern America cell phones are becoming a necessity.
             Cell phones are used for everything from calling for help for a stalled car to calling to tell someone you"ll be late. Today with all this "stranger danger" stuff cell phones are especially helpful for students. With both parents working and student participating in more extra curricular activities cell phones provide a necessary means of communication. .
             Schools are saying cell phones shouldn't be used at all because they are such a distraction. Distractions in class yes, but in the hallways or lunch, who exactly is being distracted? Other worries about cell phones are that they are expensive and can be stolen easily. Yet schools have the policy that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items, why does this not apply for cell phones? .
             Technology is moving forward at a fast pace, so why are schools taking so long to catch up? Calling your mom at lunch to tell her you"ll be late because you have to take a test after school should be no big deal. Students should have the choice to use cell phones in school. .

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