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E Mail

             The objective of this research paper is to identify what E-mail is, who might benefit from using E-mail, things to consider when selecting an E-mail system, and what type of impact E-mail has on our society.
             Today, more than ever before, society has a greater need to have communication capabilities that are fast and reliable. Businesses rely on these capabilities so they can maintain efficient and productive companies. They also have a desire to keep the amount of paper involved in communication transactions to a minimum. E-mail has proven to be one of the most popular office automation application systems that facilitates human communications.
             The following contents of this research paper contains sections including a review, main body of the paper, a summary and conclusion, and future work.
             In getting started with E-mail you need to have a basic E-mail system which requires a terminal or personal computer from which a user can access the sophisticated E-mail software running on a host computer. When using this application system, each person connected to the system is allocated a mailbox and set of programs for creating, transmitting, and reading mail. The mailbox is used as a file into which the E-mail system deposits electronic correspondence.
             When selecting an E-mail system, the best way to initially implement an E-mail system is to select a system that most conforms to the present culture of the users. Since the major payback for E-mail often comes from increased use of less expensive leased telephone lines, the effective system is tailored to the users" needs and one in which the user will feel comfortable in using. The users must feel they have benefited from the change.
             For Corporations, constructing a worldwide electronic mail system will soon be considered essential for survival. Global E-mail systems have the capability to link anyone to anywhere in the world, bringing supplier and customer closer together, and enhancing collective problem-solving .

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