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            Everyone hates spam and wishes that they could get rid of it. If you are careful you can prevent your inbox from quickly becoming a dumping ground for those extremely annoying junk emails. I will share a few rules with you on how you too can eliminate spam once and for all.
             1. Never ever click the link at the bottom of junk e-mails that says remove me from your mailing list. This is one of the worse things you can do. When you click that link, you may be removed from their mailing list, but you just gave them a confirmation that your e-mail address is active and you check it. That e-mail address became much more valuable to that company. That company can now sell it for much more then they could before. Instead of clicking that link you could block that sender. Most e-mail services and programs allow you to block senders. Anytime that sender sends you a message the e-mail will be deleted before you ever see it.
             2. Create two or more e-mail accounts for yourself. One of these e-mail accounts you are going to label as your junk mail account. Anytime you sign up for a service or information on the internet you will want to use your junk mail account. Now this part of it may get kind of confusing. If you are going to be signing up for a weekly newsletter which you believe is a trusted source you can give them your personal e-mail address. However, it is hard to identify what a trusted source is. If you take the time to read their privacy policy and it says that they won't sell your e-mail address to others and only use it for the purpose you want it used for, you are probably ok. Very few people take the time to sit down and read this privacy policy, including me. If you are signing up for a service and you need to give them your e-mail address so they can send you a username and password, use your junk e-mail account. And those are the only times you will probably ever check it.

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