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Notes on Ethical Issues in E-Commerce

             At the early age of its emergence, internet became the most famous platform for people to search the information and communicate to each other. Most of people that have a business mind trying to use this opportunities to make a business that call e-commerce. The means of e-commerce is something that presents a world of opportunity for doing businesses, reaching global markets and purchasing without leaving the home or office (chitrangda, 2014). Based on the business that approach in internet surely there have some ethical issues such as online piracy where there have unauthorized copyright, email spamming that involves the email of businessman, There is also have an issues of the copyright and ethical. .
             ONLINE PIRACY.
             The online piracy is the website that people created to make the website that give outsider to download the available music, video and other for free without any charge and it is copied in such a skillful way that break out the intellectual property rights. Consequently, consumers are faced problem to distinguish the pirated product from the original one which is often misleading them. Nevertheless, piracy claimed to have imposed sever losses on content producers, but it is very difficult to measure the real damages arising from the piracy (Horn et al, 2004). For example, some web-based applications such as www.sharelagu.com have enabled large scale exploitation of music samples and audio formats. .
             FRAUD IN INTERNET.
             Internet fraud and its sophistication have grown as much and even faster than the Internet itself. As one example, in fall 1998 the SEC brought charges against 44 companies and individuals who illegally promoted stocks on computer bulletin boards, online newspapers, and investment Web sites. It is the dangerous thing for consumer and customer according to the transaction money and thing that they bought. Free Internet access was promised with the purchase of software that was never provided.

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