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             In the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, she tries to express different values within the characters. An important value that Mary Shelley expresses is the rejection value and how a person can act after being rejected which ties into the next value brought up which questions whether a person's upbringing affects how they choose to live later on in their life. Another value that was brought up in the novel was showing how a human can often challenge how much power they truly have. In the novel, Victor Frankenstein is at fault for creating the monster; however, the monster is not justified for his murderous acts. .
             In the begging of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley shows the rejection value when Frankenstein was creating the monster at his home. He was joyful but after the creation was finished, Frankenstein was terrified and frightened. He rejected his own creation by running out of the house for a long period of time. The monster didn't know what to think, and not understanding rejection, he became angry and filled with despair. This showed that monster was influenced by humans, which made the monster become a horrible creature.
             A person's upbringing affects how they choose to live later on in their life. In the novel, Frankenstein was brought up being the only child and didn't have anyone to be around. His mother adopted a little girl for Frankenstein to have a friend and a wife when he was older. However, that wasn't good enough for him so he decides to make a creature that later becomes violent to human beings. Earlier, the monster learns that humans did not want to accept him because he was different from them. Because of that, the monster chose to get revenge and began being violent. Today, people act the same way. For example, if a person doesn't feel good about themselves or is not usually accepted, they will possibly bully someone at their school for revenge. The Columbine school shooting was a perfect example of kids who were outcasts and decided to take it upon themselves to get their so called revenge on other students.

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