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Bell south

            Bell South is one of the fastest growing corporations in the country. Bell South provides telephone and wireless services to nine states in the United States and also provides service in fourteen other countries. They have roughly 44 million customers across the world. Their offices include locations like: Atlanta, Georgia, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, and Venezuela. In 2002 their net income was over $1 billion. Their stock price is good at $29.40 a share and they have a lot of growth potential.
             As far as growth this company has the ability to go in many different directions. They could continue to expand worldwide and move into other countries not only ones in South America but also Europe and Asia. With their many offices outside of the United States expansion will not be a difficult task. They also have the capability to move forward with their wireless phone services as well. Bell South offers competitive rates and provides great service to all of their customers.
             Not only do they treat their customers well but they also treat their employees just as good. For their employees they offer many services. They provide medical, and dental heath insurance; retirement and savings plans; diability benifits; child care discounts; counseling services; mortgage assistance; and scholarship and tuition aid programs. Each and every one of these benefits is just one more reason why Bell South is a growing and prospering company. Though for a company of its magnitude it has a fairly small number of employees that being roughly 77,000.
             Bell South also has a wonderful website that provides information to customers and employees a like it is very informative. This would also help them bring in more share holders which in turn would boost their ability to grow and prosper. All of these things combined make Bell South a Fortune 500 company and a company that will do great things in the future.

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