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World's Best Chocoloate Chip Cookie

            The World's Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies.
             Here are chocolate chips and here are cookies.
             You could put the chips on top of the .
             cookies, but they would fall off. .
             You could put the cookie on the top of the chips. That wouldn't work either. You could crumble them together and eat with a spoon-but there must be a better way.
             The best chocolate chip theory! First you make the cookie dough. Then you mix in the chocolate chips. Then you cook the cookie. VIOLA!! (That means "There you go!" in French.).
             Things you must have to make the World's Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie.
             Cookies are the things you will be eating. Except for the chocolate chips, none of the ingredients taste very good until you mix them together. So don't start eating yet.
             Ingredients consist of butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, egg, baking soda, salt, 6 ounces chocolate chips, and all purpose flour.
             These are the things you will have to clean up later, so don't mess up more than you have to:.
             Medium bowl, large bowl, measuring cup, and a fork, measuring spoon, rubber spatula, oven, potholders, cookie sheet, metal or Teflon spatula.
             How to make the World's Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie .
             Step one: Set the oven to 375 degrees. The oven has to be really hot before you put in those cookies, so be sure to do this right away. Then, by the time you are ready with the cookie dough, the oven will be ready.
             Step two: Mix in the large bowl both sugars, and the butter. Use the fork for this. Mix the sugar with the butter until it is creamy and smooth. .
             Step three: Add vanilla extract and the egg. Mix well.
             Step four: In the medium bowl, add the dry ingredients and mix.
             Step five: Mix the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and mix thoroughly.
             Step six: Add the chocolate chips. Mix them gently and smile while you are mixing it. The mixing of the dough with the chocolate chips is truly a wondrous thing.

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